We are excited to announce the arrival of our new ApocalyptDough®! With the end of the world approaching we thought why not celebrate all of the fire and brimstone with a SPICY new dough!

After a year and a half of development and testing, The Pie is excited to roll out our new ApocalyptDough®. After at least 100 batches of dough we feel we have achieved the perfect balance.

We all have our favorite menu items that we enjoy and we often don't want to branch out and try something new. As we were brainstorming new pizza ideas, we knew we wanted to do something different and exciting that had never been done before. It was also important that we didn't change your favorite pizza, just enhance it. Now you can enjoy your favorite Pie, Zappi or Pull-A-Part with a kick!

While the dough is hot, the imported spices from across the globe are unique in the sense that they don't compromise the excellent quality and flavors of the food...in fact, they enhance them! The dough and pizza taste the same but with a creeping, unique burn that slowly approaches and has an undetermined lingering effect. Our feeling is that if you can't distinguish the flavor of a green pepper from a mushroom or if you can't finish the pizza after eating only one slice, then it's too spicy. We didn't want to create a novelty pie that was too spicy to enjoy. We wanted to add a unique new experience for our customers while enjoying their favorite Pie.

We invite you try to our new ApocalyptDough® on your next pizza, Zappi or Pull-a-part. After you experience the ApocalyptDough® for the first time, we look forward to your feedback via our website or on our Facebook page.