Pizza by Mail

We ship The Pie's Pizza anywhere in the USA!

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Sending someone flowers is so cliché! Try something original next time and send them a slice of home... a taste of Salt Lake City! An award winning Pie Pizza makes a unique and very tasty gift and can also provide a temporary cure for homesick friends and family who grew up at The Pie. You asked for it and you got it! The Pie now offers nationwide delivery!

Our Pie pizzas are hand-made from scratch, flash frozen and sealed for freshness the same day they are ordered. Each pie is made to order and packed with dry ice in an insulated cooler and shipped via UPS Next Day. Pie Pizzas can be delivered to any home or office and come complete with baking instructions and your personal message right on the box. Each Pie Pizza is 14" and serves approximately 4-6 adults.

Ordering is quick and easy!

  1. Call toll free 1-877-MAIL PIZZA (877-624-5749)
  2. Order three 14" pies of your choice from our friendly Pie Representative.
  3. Give us the name, shipping info. and your personal gift message.
  4. Pay by credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) and we'll do the rest!

Choose Your Pie

Unfortunately not all pizza combinations are able to be shipped, please call 1-877-MAIL PIZZA (877-624-5749) for shipping menu item availability.

The Pie Pizzeria’s Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping charges are separate. A $9 handling fee for the insulated shipping box and dry ice will be added to each order, plus the actual shipping charges. We do not set shipping prices, nor do we mark them up!  We ship 3 pies per container in an effort to get the best value for your money.

Pies are packed in an insulated container with dry ice for shipping anywhere in the USA. Your pizza will be made fresh to order, frozen overnight, and shipped the next day. Please view the delivery schedule below:

  • All orders placed Monday will be delivered on Wednesday.
  • All orders placed Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday.
  • All orders placed Wednesday will be delivered on Friday.
  • All orders placed Thursday will be delivered on Tuesday.
  • All orders placed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

In addition, you may select the delivery day to be later than the default day by specifying the desired day on the order.  All orders will be processed out of Salt Lake City.

You have questions, we have answers

Can I send a Pie pizza to a P.O. Box?

Sorry, UPS can only ship to street addresses.

Can I send a Pie pizza with raw meats or seafood ingredients?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship any raw meat products.

Can I specify a thin or thick crust pie?

Unfortunately, we do not ship thin or thick crust pies, only our standard crust.

Can I have a card or message enclosed?

Yes, we can enclose a message if you so choose. You may add your message in the comments box found upon completion of the order.

How are the pies packaged?

All pies are prepared in store, flash frozen and packed with dry ice in special insulated "cooler" shipping boxes. Each pie includes cooking instructions.

Can you ship outside of the USA?

Sorry, no perishable items may be delivered outside of the USA.

What day should I expect my order to arrive?

Your Pie pizza will be made fresh to order on the day the order is received by The Pie Pizzeria, flash frozen that night, and then shipped, typically via UPS Next Day Air service, the following day. Orders received by The Pie Pizzeria on Friday will ship the following Monday.

What time will the pizzas be delivered?

Typically, our packages are sent out via UPS for next day delivery. This means that packages should arrive by end of business day.

Can I request a shipping time?

Unfortunately, we are not able to request an exact shipping time. Packages will be left at the destination, and because the contents are perishable, we advise they be refrigerated as soon as possible. We suggest alerting the recipient that the package is on the way.

Can UPS or The Pie Pizzeria call before delivering the pizza?

Sorry, we are not able to accommodate this.

How can I obtain a tracking number for my order?

A UPS tracking number will be included in the confirmation email sent upon completion of the order.

How is shipping cost calculated?

Shipping charges are separate. We do not set shipping prices, nor do we mark them up! We will ship a maximum of 3 pies per container, we recommend shipping three pies to get the best value for your money. A $9.00 handling fee for the insulated shipping box and the dry ice will be added to each order.

What should I do with my Pie pizza when I receive my order?

DO NOT HANDLE THE REMAINING DRY ICE IN THE PACKAGE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! Use thick gloves if you need to handle the dry ice. Otherwise, the dry ice will eventually evaporate. DO NOT, put the dry ice in a normal household freezer.

It is suggested that you take your frozen pies out of the insulated shipping container and place them in a freezer. We recommend that you leave them wrapped to avoid freezer burn. If you are planning to enjoy your pie the day you receive it, you may refrigerate it, otherwise it should stay frozen until you plan to cook it.

Like any other frozen item, it is suggested not to keep it in your freezer for a long time. We suggest that you enjoy your Pie pizzas within 2-3 weeks.

How should I cook my Pie pizza?

Cooking instructions will be provided with each pizza, or download this PDF.